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Subh Dhungana
2 min readNov 14, 2021


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Dear Generations,

I can assure you right now that your generation will be the luckiest of all comparing with the past generations. There will be many amazing technologies that will redefine your future generations. I’ve been thinking of these below technologies and giving my mind free space to think about such thing that I don’t know exists yet:

i) Less Carbon Emission Technologies

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ii) Electric World
iii) Climate Change, Pollution, Global Warming Solution
iv) Artificial Intelligence, HGI, AGI, Superficial Intelligence
v) Hydro Energy
vi) Fusion energies
vii) Other renewable sources of sustainable energies
viii) Interplanetary civilization
ix)Inter cosmos Communication (Next Huge Internet)
x) Metaverse, Ofcourse

xii) Huge Data storage sytem while gazzillions tons petabytes of datas being stored. Datas of past generations, physics laws, different methods, inventions, human physical information form into digital forms, etc.

xiii) R&D Center for studying physics. Because, the things we don’t know due to the fact that we don’t know the instance of term of it, even exist.

xiv) Interplanetary Industries like vehicles, spacecrafts, infrastructures, etc.

xv) More possibilities that I’m unaware of it right now because I don’t even know it could exist. And, that’s the first step to learn. You be aware of the exhilirating fact that such thing does exist waht we need to know.

xvi) Mental Health cause future generations will see drastic change in their mental health. Maybe towards dystopia when we think of mental health in future generations.

xvii) AR & VR
xix) Augmentation Technology
xx) BioTech
xxi) Gene Editing
xxii) Supersonic Vehicles
xxiii) Wormholes Explorations and R&D further about its physical laws.

Thank You,



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