Still need alarm app to wake up early! Does it work? Now you don’t need it

Who doesn’t wake up late? Everybody!! LOL.

What if I told you that you can always wake up on time in whatever your desired time. Yes you can do that. So I’m going to reveal the secret and you don’t need alarm app that doesn’t work! OK here’s the secret:

Ever wondered experiencing infinity!?

So, we need one thing to understand this thing and that is of course Imagination.

Let’s visualize one of the extra ordinary thing that may possibly amaze us. Let’s give ourselves a moment to just imagine that we are floating in a vast space just outside the surface of Earth.

“Oh! set!!!! Why I always wake up on time since I merged this Neuronpack chipset?! Lol! There was a time in my teens when alarm was a headache. Thanks Neuronpack.

(Suddenly, holographic notification screen popped out of the air ). Oh! Not again. These data leaks are now the new headache for everyone. Its like everyday news nowadays. Some of the day; some of the time; everywhere something is being leaked.

Imagine bootstrap as Market and Imagine the items we used to get in market(Bed, sofa, curtains, glasses, etc) as classes. The sofa, bed, curtains need time and effort to be made from scratch and they are made by experts. So we usually buy them to simply pick up and use it. In the same way, we use class(Bed, sofa, curtains, etc) which are made by experts by putting different codes inside it (like different woods are being cut and hammered to make bed). …


Observe and be aware of your tiny thoughts which arise inside you mainly just inch right behind from the heart. Just observe. Let the thoughts flow.

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